Release Notes 0.6.8
Release Notes - StIXDB - Version 0.6.9


  • [STX-184] - The sort-button in the upper right corner of the register concerning table diffs doesn't really work
  • [STX-288] - Adding an new Connection to StixDB while an old Query is shown duplicates all Elementes shown in X-Schema View
  • [STX-319] - Multiselect for enable/disable in Connectionmanager
  • [STX-324] - Meta Referenz for column names doesn't work in mysql
  • [STX-338] - NPE in DB Connection needs restart of StIXDB
  • [STX-339] - Error comparing Objects null
  • [STX-341] - Index compare shows missing index-objects not being missing in the database.
  • [STX-342] - No Error Message on invalid URL


  • [STX-256] - Sort the Index Compare Result